Unlearn what you take for granted. Get better clients.

Better clients = a better life. Better clients understand the value of your work, pay faster, and are enjoyable to work with. But how do you get them?

It’s easy to sell to bad clients. All you have to do is lower your standards enough to match what they want.

The best clients in the world are skilled, smart, and decisive. They’re looking for confident A-players who can bring them actual value. And they’re looking for people who don’t behave how most business owners and salespeople think they should.

12 myths stand between you and better clients.

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Cameron Embers is an action-oriented entrepreneur, web developer, and business development specialist. As the owner of a web and digital marketing agency, Cameron helps scale businesses from concept to millions in revenue. Cameron’s sales skills have led him to be a high-level decision maker for multiple billion-dollar companies.

Ultimately, Cameron’s greatest passion is helping others learn foundational mindset shifts that equate to massive success. He believes that success is predicated on a healthy mindset, and specializes in training his mind and the minds of others to drive them towards success. 

When he isn’t working on business development, Cameron enjoys spending time with his wife and stepson, working out, and eating healthy food.